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Introducing your child to the world's greatest game.  We are the premier intro to soccer program in the area.

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Soccer Shots-South Jersey is just one of over 150 Soccer Shots territories all over the United States providing fun soccer sessions for kids ages 2-6.  To learn more click here:


Many towns offer soccer programs for children at older ages.  We have imaginative games of soccer for kids, specifically designed for ages 3 through 6.  The curriculum is designed to provide fun games for children, while maintaining safety at all times.

Soccer programs for children are often run by dedicated volunteer parents, who may not come from a soccer background.  Our knowledgeable, professionally paid  instructors come from a variety of coaching and playing experiences.  Soccer for kids should, above all else, be fun. 

With childhood obesity at an all time high, we make physical activities a big part of our soccer for children program.  Children today are often entertained by television and video games.  Imaginative activities combined with the World's number one sport, soccer, make a great combination to give the kids exercise and fitness

Here is another video to give you more of a feel of what  the Soccer Shots program is all about.

Soccer Shots in South Jersey offers soccer in Gloucester County and all of the surrounding New Jersey counties.  It is one of many franchises that coach young children all over the United States and now in Canada.

Soccer lessons are taught with enthusiasm by highly motivated coaches who love to work with young children.

Our Gloucester County franchise has soccer session lessons in or very near the following towns in New Jersey: 
Blackwood,  Glassboro, Mantua, Mickleton, Mount Royal, Mullica Hill, Pitman, Sewell, Swedesboro, Turnersville, Williamstown, Westville and Woodbury.
Kid having fun playing Soccer Shots

Soccer Shots-South Jersey is offered at preschools and daycare centers as well as independent and town recreational programs. Currently we have soccer for children at the following locations:

Beacon Academy - Sewell, NJ

Bright Beginnings - Sewell , NJ

Bright Beginnings - Sewell, NJ  

(Saturdays - Open to the Public)

Chesterbrook Academy - Glassboro, NJ
Chesterbrook Academy - Sewell, NJ

Holding Hands - Mullica Hill 

(After school - Open to the Public)

Kid Academy - Sewell, NJ
Pitman - Okinawa Kenpo Karate Academy 

(Winter - Indoor)

Pitman Park Program 
Pitman -Okinawa Karate Academy. 
(Winter - Indoor)

Swedesboro -  Indoor

Most preschool and daycare soccer classes are for the students who already attend those schools.  Some have programs open to the public.

Testimonials About Soccer Shots
Kids having fun playing youth soccer
"Hello Coach Bruce,

Jordon had an absolutely wonderful time this registration period.  He enjoys playing with his classmates and seems to be more confident in the game.

He is also motivated to impress his coach!! 
Thank you for working with him and making
soccer fun for him."    
Lea and John

Our mission is to have a positive impact on children in both soccer education and character development. There is a purpose and a reason for everything we do at Soccer Shots all of which comes directly from our own love of soccer. We have a deep appreciation for the positive character traits we've developed through participation in the game.
Our commitment to excellence, quality, and safety are considered when selecting directors and instructors and updating national curriculum and program training materials.

All Soccer Shots participants are treated with dignity, respect, and care and are expected to treat each other the same way.     Sportsmanship, teamwork, good attitudes, obedience, and understanding of the concepts and rules of soccer
take precedence over competition and winning. 

We believe soccer for children should be an enjoyable experience.Having fun games for children that use soccer as the
teaching tool will foster an affection to the World's number one sport.
We use the terms soccer for kids, soccer for children and fun games for children because that's what we are all about.  
Being a kid is all about having fun.  According to Wikipedia a "game is a structured activity, usually undertaken for enjoyment and sometimes used as an educational tool."    Sometimes parents and coaches forget that. 

Soccer for children, especially very young children, should not include the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat.  Our curriculum include imaginative, fun activities for children that emphasize participation by all kids in the program. 

We have every child score at least one goal at every Soccer Shots session.  This "fun games for children" philosophy is instilled in our coaches and we make it a priority in each Soccer Shots class.
The key components of our soccer program are centered around fun games for children. 
When it comes to soccer for kids, Fun is Number One.
Soccer Shots - South Jersey is owned and operated by Bruce Lovelace.

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